Your Flexible Hose & Ducting Solutions !

About Us

Your Flexible Hose & Ducting Solutions !

About Us

Your Flexible Hose & Ducting Solutions !

About Us

Your Flexible Hose & Ducting Solutions !

About Us

Your Flexible Hose & Ducting Solutions !

About Us

Your Flexible Hose & Ducting Solutions !

About Us

Who We Are ?

Utigo Technology Ltd. was established in July 2009. Since its establishment, it has been committed to the development and production of high-quality rubber and plastic hoses and fiber hoses for various industries, agriculture, food and medical fields.

In order to meet the needs of development, our production plant was moved to No. 56, Chuangli Road, Hecheng Town, Heshan City, Guangdong Province in September 2022.

At the same time, Utigo Technology Ltd., located at No. 108, Zhongxin Road, Xinqiao Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, continues to be an independent market development and sales force, responsible for the sales of hose products in the factory in Heshan City.

Our factory has a plant area of  5,000 square meters. There are 15 plastic and rubber hose extrusion production lines, 2 PVC fiber cloth pipe production lines, 4 silicone hose production lines, and the monthly production capacity of rubber and plastic hoses. The monthly production capacity of PVC fiber cloth pipe reaches 60,000 meters, the monthly production capacity of silicone cloth air duct reaches 30,000 meters; the monthly production capacity of synthetic material hose reaches 50,000 meters.


Years of Experience


Factory Area


Production lines


The annual productivity

What are we manufacturing?

We know that a high-quality hose is the core foundation for the efficient and smooth operation of a conveying equipment!

According to the shape of the conveying medium, fluid conveying can be divided into three categories: gas conveying, liquid conveying, and solid conveying.

At present, the types of hoses manufactured by our factory can be divided into explosion-proof type, anti-static type, high-pressure resistance type, high and low temperature resistance type, acid and alkali corrosion resistance type, wear-resistant type, oil-resistant type, etc. according to the different characteristics of the conveying medium. Hydrolysis-resistant, UV-resistant and aging-resistant types;

The rubber hoses produced by our company include hydraulic hoses, fuel delivery hoses, water delivery hoses, sandblasting hoses, steam hoses, chemical delivery hoses, food delivery hoses, dry cement delivery hoses, and material delivery hoses;

The resin hoses produced by our company include pneumatic hoses, spraying hoses, brake hoses, high-pressure hoses, duplex hoses, air hoses, fluid hoses, garden hoses, hose hoses, fire hoses, steel wire hoses, plastic hoses, suction hoses Hundreds of varieties of dust pipes, ventilation pipes, food and medical pipes, etc.;

Our Workshop

Quality Assurance

Quality is Life

After years of continuous development, the Utigoflex hoses has become famous in the global hose industry, and is favored by customers in Europe, America and the Middle East! Because we always adhere to the business purpose of “quality is life”. We make sure each hose is well manufactured. For the needs of customers, we always maintain a highly responsible attitude, and always create maximum value for customers with our professional hose products! Creating a win-win situation with customers is our eternal pursuit!

Employee Growth

Perfect Training System

Employees are the precious wealth of an enterprise. While pursuing the common development of customers, The Utigo Group pays more attention to making progress with employees!

The Utigo Group regards the growth of employees as a long-term project. Every employee will receive a very complete set of job training and assessment after entering the company to ensure that every employee can to complete the work. Employees in any position here have enough opportunities for assessment and room for promotion.

Our mission:  to allow fluids to be transported without obstacles

Our vision:  to achieve a century-old fluid transmission brand

Our values:

1.  Customer first

2. Grow together

3. Be pragmatic

4. Innovation

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