Steam Hose


This hose is suitable for conveying the saturated steam and hot water,The transfer of saturated steam up to 270 PSI and 410°F (+210°C).

Selecting and using steam hose:

1.Make sure steam hose is identified as a steam hose. it should be branded as such, stating working pressure and temperature rating.

2.Make sure working pressure and temperature is not exceeded.

3.Do not allow hose to remain under pressure when not in use.

4.Avoid excess bending or flexing of hose near the coupling. Straight line operation is preferred. if bends are necessary as part of operation, spring guards may help.

5.Be sure and use recommended steam hose couplings and clamps on hose.


Tube: Black extruded EPDM heat – resistant.

Not for steam cleaner use.

Reinforcement: High tensile steel wire braids (1/2″ ID – 1 wire braid, 3/4″ and higher lD’s – 2 wire braids).

Cover: Red or black EPDM – heart resistant, Wrapped cover fabric impression. Pin-pricked cover to allow venting.

Working pressure:  Constant pressure – 18 Bar (270 PSI).

Working temperature range:   -40°F ( -40°C) ~ +410°F (+210°C)

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