Crimping Machine


Suitable for press, crimping hydraulic hose, indutrial hose, composite hose, flecible metal hose, teflon hose, wire rope and used as crimper for othre kinds of rope and hose fittings.
Size: 1/4″ to 4″. other size can be custom
Color: Blue or custom
The machine can be used to crimp many kinds of hoses, pipes and ropes, by changing dies. The dies can be customized.


1) Using forge steel machine head, more durabler than general steel.

2) CNC operation panel, simple controls and operation.

3) CNC system, high crimp accuracy which is within 0.01mm.

4) Equipped with a foot pedal, very convenient for free hand operate.

5) Magnetic dies (Patented), very convenient to remove and install dies. Promise

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