Ventilation Hose Applications

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PVC Air Duct Application

This product is especially ideal for ventilation, industrial vacuum cleaner and granulate conveying systems.

PU Air Duct Application

Ideally as suction and transport hose for abrasive solids such as dust,powders,wood chips, granulates,oil and fuel etc.

TPE Air Duct Application

Especially ideally for high temperature industrisl fumes and steam, air or smoke in auto, chemical air and cold air.

Ventilation Duct Application

Widely used in these working environment such as airport, tunnel, basement, waste gas exhaust out.

Tarpaulin Air Duct Application

This hose is widely used in air conditioning and ventilation of fumes,light duty dust extraction, and air movement.

Clamped Air Duct Application

This hose especially suitable for suction of high temperature air engine exhaust industry.

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