Thermoplastic Elastomer 【TPE】 Duct–Resistant to 135°C


As suction and transport hose especially ideally for:

1.High temperature industrial fumes, steam

2.High temperature air or smoke in auto

3.Other hot air in engine construction or drying machine


5.Cold air

Working temperature range: 

-40°C to +135°C(Short time to 150°C)


1.Good performance on high temperature resistance up to 135 degree

2.Good performance on low temperature lowest to 40 degree below zero

3.Good resistance to chemical substances

4.Could be static electricity conductive by grounding the steel wire

5.Good resistance to UV

6.Small bending radius

7.Highly flexible compressible

8.High tensile strength

9.Rubber finishing

10.Comply to RoHS


Wall: Thermoplastic elastomer

Spiral: Spring steel wire

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