ANFO Explosive Loading Hose


Bulk unloading of ammonium nitrate/fuel oil blasting agents in small diameter holes.

Successfully used for years with Orica’s blast hole chargers, intermediate loaders and the Penberthy Anoloader

Mining and construction site blasting

Working temperature range:



Conductivity – effectively limits build-up of static electricity; provides path for its safe dissipation to ground.

Bleeds off static charges built up during pneumatic loading of Ammonium Nitrate/Fuel Oil mixtures.

Sufficient resistance – guards blasting circuit against stray electrical currents.

Wear resistance – smooth interior and exterior surfaces, combined with tough material formulation,provide good wear resistance.

Self-extinguishing characteristics.

Excellent flexibility – sufficiently flexible to handle easily. vet rigid enough to reach upwards into collars of steeply-inclined holes

Easily identifiable – co-extruded continuous orange stripe makes tubing visible in underground lighting.

Packaged for ease of handling and shipping.


Specially-formulated anti-static thermoplastic compound.

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