Tarpaulin Duct-Resistant to 100°C


As suction and transport hose idealfor:

Air conditioning and ventilation of fumes, light duty dust extraction,and air movement

As a flexible connection between grilles diffusers, fans and other air movement units

Suction of engine exhaust gas

Exhaust gas technique, engine construction,engine warming.aircraft construction and military construction

For flue gas extraction, blast furnace exhaust and engine test bench

Working temperature range:

-20 °C to +100 °C


1.Flame retardant

2.Vibration resistant

3.Tearing resistant

4.High tensile strength

5.Minimum weight

6.Highly flexible and compressible up to 10:1

7.Very small bending radius


Wall: PVC coated polyester fabric

Spiral: Steel wire helix

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