Ventilation Duct-Resistant to 80°C


As ventilation duct ideal for:

Widely used in these working environment such as airport, tunnel,basement,waste gas exhaust out

Air conditioning and ventilation of fumes, light duty dust extraction,and air movement

As a flexible connection between grilles diffusers, fans and other airmovement units

Working temperature range: 

-20 °C to +80 °C


1.Highly flexible

2.Flame retardant

3.Could be compressible and easy to carry

4.Oil,Acid &Alkali Resistant

5.Very small bending radius

6.Kink proof

7.Polyester fabric coated with PVC is leakage resistant

8.Steel wire spiral is abrasion resistant with strip cover

9.Various colors are available

10.Anti static version is available


Wall: High density polyester weave coated PVC on both sides

Spiral: Reinforced steel wire

Exterior spiral cover: PVC strip

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